What is a CSA?

Frequently asked questions about CSA's:

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is basically an agreement between a farmer and a consumer in which the consumer purchases a "share" and becomes a “member” of the CSA and the farmer provides the member with a pre agreed upon portion of the harvest (in this case meat or poultry).

What are the benefits of membership? ·  

  • For starters you will be assured of access to healthy, humanely and locally produced food. Our animals are raised outside in an environment that allows them the freedom to act naturally with access to fresh air, water and food. They are not fed hormones or antibiotics.  
  • Because you are “pre-purchasing” your food you will be getting it at a reduced cost when the costs are averaged out over the length of the CSA period (6 months). ·  
  • You will be supporting a local farm and be part of that community.
  • You will always be welcomed to visit and see our operation first hand (try that at a cattle stockyard)
  • You will have first option to sign up for the next 6 month CSA

What are the benefits to the farm? ·

  • We are paid up front for the 6 month CSA which helps with cash flow
  • We are better able to predict our future sales and how much we need to produce
  • We form relationships with our customers and are able to educate them about local agriculture, its challenges and benefits.    

What will be in my monthly package?

  • Meat Share: Each month your package will include 12 – 15 lbs. of meat and 2 dozen eggs. The meat will be a mix of cuts selected from 4 species (beef, pork, lamb, chicken). It will be from at least 2 species but usually 3-4. For example, in a given month you might receive: a 5 lb. chicken, 2 lb of pork Country Ribs, 1 lb ground beef, 1-2 steaks, 1 lb bacon and (1) 2lb ham (or lamb) steak. Plus 2 dozen eggs. Meats are frozen and in cryovac packages with USDA label.   

Can I select what I receive? No. Sorry. We select cuts randomly and evenly depending on availability. We do not include less desirable cuts such as organ meat, tongue or chicken feet. You will always get quality meats that have many options for cooking.

What is the cost?

  • The cost for a 6 month Meat share is $650.00

When and How do I pay?

  • Payment in full is due before October 7th. It can be paid in cash, Venmo, check or credit card (there is a 3% fee for credit card purchases). Our Limited Memberships are available on a first come first served basis. Don’t delay!

When do I pick-up my food?

  • Pick-up is on the 3rd Wednesday or Saturday of the month between 1 and 6 pm at the farm store on Curtis Corner Rd. in Wakefield. You must pick up at this time unless you make other arrangements. You will get a reminder e-mail a few days before your scheduled pick-up. In the event of bad weather another pickup time will be arranged.

Cancellations / Refunds. Please understand that you are making a commitment (as is the farmer) to this 6 month CSA. There are no refunds. You could get someone to take over your share if something were to come up and you were not be able to continue.

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